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Seal slaps kayaker in the face

This fella must of thought a creature from the deep was coming to get him



A funny video is doing the rounds on the internet at the moment showing a kayaker getting slapped in the face, funny thing about the situation here is the seal was brandishing an octopus, I found this one at The New York Post’s Youtube Channel

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Honest Government Ad, Timor Leste, Satirical truth by TheJuiceMedia

Great video by TheJuiceMedia shines a satirical light on a very serious situation where it appears the Australian Government may at very least have some questions to answer….




Honest Government Ad Timor Leste

A recent video by TheJuiceMedia outlines the terrible treatment that impoverished country Timor Leste has suffered. This video is a real eye opener, It goes on to outline how multiple Australian Governments supported Indonesia’s Invasion and further Annexation of Timor, the dodgy GAS and Oil deals, espionage ( Australia–East Timor spying scandal ) and now attempting to try a whistle blower (Witness K) and Bernard Collaery in a secret court. As an Australian Citizen I am ashamed of this type behavior by the people that are supposed to be representing us.

For more information and links to this story and others, visit TheJuiceMedia’s, where their philosophy is making Government Ads Honest, now if only they had the power to make Governments honest full stop, that’d be really be amazing. That said we’d still like to get your view on this, so What do you think of this?, or as we usually like to say, Wadayathinkothis?

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