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Australia Day Wadayathinkothis ?

Few issues create such divisive response from the Australian population than the “Australia Day Debate”, Wadayathinkothis ?



Australia Day Debate

Image: AAP

Recent Australia Day Celebrations have coincided with increasing debate over the date on which our nation Celebrates Australia Day, (currently the 26th of January). This issue is certainly polarizing, if not dividing. Try posting your views on this issue on Facebook and sit back while the comments stream in at a rate of knots. On one side of the debate there are many First Nation people who claim this day as a day of mourning or “Invasion Day” and that the day needs to be changed, On the other side of this debate you have others saying we should leave it as it is.


History tells us that Captain Arthur Philip rowed ashore in Sydney Cove on the 26th January 1788, raised the Union Jack Flag and proclaimed British sovereignty over part of the continent now known as Australia and representing the founding of the colony of New South Wales, ( On 7 February 1788, the Governor’s Commission was read at an official ceremony, and this date marks the effective commencement of the Colony of New South Wales.) , having moved from the original location of Botany Bay, where the first fleet had landed between the 18-20th of January 1788.

In 1818, on the 30th anniversary of the founding of the colony, the Governor of New South Wales gave all government employees a holiday. He also celebrated the day with a 30-gun salute and a ball. In the following years, employees of banks and other organizations were also given holidays.

Initially, it was only New South Wales that celebrated the day, and it was known as First Landing Day or Foundation Day. In 1838, 50 years after the First Fleet arrived, Foundation Day was declared Australia’s first public holiday in New South Wales.

By 1935, January 26 was known as Australia Day in all states except New South Wales, where it was still called Anniversary Day. From 1946, January 26 was called Australia Day in all states and territories, and since 1994, the Australia Day public holiday has been on January 26 throughout the country.

Because it marks the day of colonization, Aboriginal Australians often feel that the celebrations on Australia Day exclude them. The day has been renamed Invasion Day, and protests do appear side-by-side the celebrations.


The video below, “Reimagining Australia Day – A Different Lens (Snapshot)”, from Monash University’s YouTube Channel is definitely worth the 5 minutes to watch, as it looks as options aimed at including First Nations People, The European Settlers and also immigrants from all lands in this rather divisive issue.

Video: Monash University via Youtube

Thoughts from Colleague and Wadayathinkothis Author Beam

“A Discussion with Aboriginal Rapper Briggs on a recent ABC News Breakfast episode discussed among other things the issue of the Australia Day debate and Briggs’ as a patron based on his song January 26, which has become an anthem for the “Change the date campaign

More about Briggs here Briggs on Wikipedia

In the interview it was mentioned that an alternative celebration could be the day Australia actually became a Constitutional ‘Democracy’, i.e. 1 January 1901.

Wow I thought, I’ve always thought that too, the idea of the whole World celebrating our Australia Day just cracks me up, the fact that it would be on the day of the federation of Australia, (What could be considered “The Real Australia Day” makes it even better.”

Thanks for the input here Beam

Do our Elected Officials really want the issue resolved ?

As an additional side note to the main debate I’d also like to pose the question, Do you think our elected officials would like us to move forward or NOT ?, Are they to promoting division within society by refusing to even discuss the idea of a new compromise catering for all communities ?, Whilst our communities are divided, do we lack the ability to hold governments responsible for any wrong doing or not governing for it’s constituents ?.

Your Thoughts

Wadayathinkothis ?

Would you like to see Australia Day moved to a different day ?

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