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If you are like us at Wadayathinkothis, you will frequently be looking at news stories, particularly about government and trying to figure out what is going on. You will be trying to understand what and why something has happened.
We believe very little happens by chance. We believe things are the way they are because that is the way they are meant to be. We believe – contrary to popular belief – that our politicians are smart and capable people, particularly the ministers in charge of departments.

There is now more information, more education and more experience in the delivery of programs than at any time in our history. And then of course there is our history. We can look back and see what has gone on before and what the likely outcomes of our present actions will be. In short, it appears there is very little excuse or reason for bad management. There is, you would think, very little reason for not achieving what has been set out.

You would think there is even less reason for making a total stuff up of any process – and yet stuff ups abound. In fact, if you were cynical, you may even say they are the norm. You may also observe that the decision processes, particularly surrounding those things that don’t work or get stuffed up, are surrounded by more and more secrecy.
At Wadyathinkothis, we began to think how, in this day and age of unprecedented information, resources, skill and education, smart and clever people can and do still make such a mess of things. To help us sift through the confusion, we developed what we call our ‘template’.

The template has led us to discover that mostly the disasters we love to hate are usually hiding very specific outcomes. Our opinion is that, considering the skills and resources of those in charge, those specific outcomes reveal the true aim and prupose of their actions and policies.

Our template is based on three questions. The answers to those questions are then linked with three statements.

The ‘Template’ is –

• What was meant to happen?

• What didn’t happen?

• What did happen?

• The people in charge are smart and capable.

• What happened is exactly what was meant to happen.

• Therefore, as the result of a process being guided and implemented by smart and capable people, if what happened was exactly what was meant to happen, then what happened was the real aim of the process.

We like to think this strips away most of the smoke and mirrors. It is a tool we apply to any set of circumstances to see if we can get to the real reasons for, and aims of, the actions of those concerned. A sort of ‘detective directive’. We will be developing stories based on this template surrounding some of the smallest and largest issues facing our society today.
We hope you enjoy the journey with us …….